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This site uses a credential system to access information about the Pack. 

If your son is a current member, please click the Register link at the top of the page.  Once you register and confirm your account, an administrator will grant you access to your Den's page.


Pack Master

Use the link below to access your scouts data on PackMaster Web.
Always enter today’s date in PackMaster for achievement date
If you do not have a login for packmaster ue the following account setting.
UserID: den6parent
Password: cubscout
When you log in you will be prompted to create a new userID and password.
Each person will have different log-in once you register.
  1. Log in to PackMaster
  2. Click on Scouts button
  3. Highlight your Scout
  4. Click on Advancement button
  5. Select badge rank level to record required and elective badge achievements
  6. Select Academic/Sports Awards to record belt loop and pin achievements
  7. When finished click on the OK button to save your changes
Always enter today’s date in Pack master for achievement date.
Achievement and belt loop requirements can be researched here:


What is Cub Scouting all about?


Cub Scouts do their best.


Cub Scouts serve and respect others and themselves.


Cub Scouts learn to be responsible, make good decisions, take on challenges, and be solid citizens.


Cub Scouts gain confidence by being recognized by adults and their peers for their achievements and efforts.


Cub Scouts spend quality time with their family and friends doing and learning things of lifelong value.


Most importantly, Cub Scouts have fun!





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